Sunday 13 January 2013

SEO advice

It seems right now every business is striving for top ranking in the major search engines. I have some advice that can help your business soar to the top.
1. Write articles.
Articles allow you to get the word out there about your website.  Some articles allow you to put your sites url directly in the article. When you put your sites link into the Article it creates a back link to your site Google loves back links.
2. Blogs
By default, blogs do many things well that can help them earn search engine ranking. In many cases, blogs can achieve solid ranking faster than regular websites. A blog is easier to publish than a regular website, so you can post content to it more often. Search engines like websites with frequently updated content.
3. Apply to be listed in Directories
Sites like dmoz and (and others – there are many directories in the ‘deep web’) – and hope they will list you. Good directories usually will if your site isn’t misleading or trying to scam search engines into giving falsely-high rankings.  Directories seem to get good search engine rankings which in turn will bring visitors to your site which will increase your ranking.
There are many ways to try to increase your sites ranking. None of them are guaranteed.  Also getting good search engine ranking takes time and motivation. If you have those two things you are most likely to succeed.

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