Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Web Application Development

Our main focus is PHP. Our web development services include everything from a simple content web site application to the most complex web-based internet applications, high-traffic e-commerce sites, and social-networking sites. With our experienced web application developers, your project will be completed on time, within budget, and according to your requirements. 

Our web development process involves active discussions with the clients throughout the development phases - so you will be directly involved in the project. The final results of the application will perfectly match your expectations developers have extensive experience in PHP frameworks. Frameworks are an essential tool for software developers working on dynamic websites, web applications and web services. They are designed to speed up the development process by providing templates, libraries for database access and many other tools. Developers will not have to write everything from scratch, but rather, can pick ready-made components from existing frameworks and build own functionality on top of them. 
Cross-Browser Compatibility

Testing the cross-browser compatibility of your website is something each website owner should do. Although you have your own preferred browser, your website visitors may not be using the same web browser as you.

If you are redesigning an existing website, you could look at the website stats for your website and see which browsers (and operating systems) the past visitors have been using. Understand, this is not a recommendation to ignore the less frequently used browsers of your visitors, but an exercise to show you what browser your website visitors are using.

For a new website, if you have done your target audience research then you would have a list of the most common browsers your website visitors would be using.
Brand yourself and create an image that stays with your clients. Let Elective Solutions can develop your brand in your market by creating the perfect logo design. A corporate logo design that helps you stand out from the rest will build your own unique identity. We can create attractive logos including flash animated logo designs. We can create a logo for you at reasonable rates and offer 

corporate logo design packages at unmatched prices. 
We have several packages depending on your needs and budget. Irrespective of any financial constraints we can assure you of a unique and attractive logo design that will help you build your brand image and increase your market share of business. Browse through our online gallery of logo designs and you will see the quality of work we promise. 

Our logo design expert will take your business needs into consideration and discuss your ideas with you before commencing the project.

Depending on the package you choose we offer you a choice of several logo design concepts and samples. We take care to maintain the strict deadline that has been fixed between us and the client. We offer a certain number of revisions to the design concept. It is our aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction. In the premium packages we offer Flash Animated Logo Design Concepts as well. 

The logos will be presented in all suitable color combinations and all major fonts. There will be absolute copyright of the logo design and full client support.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

We provide you with a flexible and an affordable means of establishing your presence on the Internet and World Wide Web. We recognize the time investment in establishing a web site, and we developed Web Hosting Services to allow you expand as necessary; without ever changing servers. Our servers reside in USA. However, the complete maintenance, support, Linux and Windows administration, voice and Email Helpdesk contract is outsourced and managed by us from India.

Our Mission 
Our Mission is to establish this company as a Perfect Web Designing Company , we are a leading company in Nagpur city now we are expanding our business in the whole world.